Dr. Rachael Kent is a lecturer and researcher at Kings College London. Specifically, Dr. Kent’s research focuses on how digital technology influences everyday mental and physical health. Below are some timestamps for this conversation that may prove to be one of the most important I have had so far. I am growing more and more concerned with how technology influences our lives and it was a pleasure to chat about this with an expert.


All you need for Rachael is on her website: https://www.drdigitalhealth.co.uk 


Time Stamps

2 minutes: Intro to Rachael and her motivation behind her research in digital technology.

8 minutes - Apps and their power over us.

12 minutes - Neoliberalism and Margaret Thatcher's influence over our digital health.

20 minutes - Corporate digital and mental health.

23 minutes - What tech & social media has done to us over the last couple of years.

32 minutes - Setting boundaries with technology.

37 minutes - Self-representation on social media and dating apps.

45 minutes - There are more phones on planet earth than there are humans.

53 minutes - Digital activism.

1 hr - Health Tracking.

1hr6 minutes - Moralising health.

1hr14 minutes -  A.I. 

1hr 20 minutes -  My tips for a better relationship with technology.



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